History & Background

History & Background

In early 1940 a group of bible believers met together with Rev. E. F. Rueweler for bible study in a failed bank building at 5323 Easton Avenue, which they rented on January 8, 1940.

On March 4, 1940 they chose the name St. Louis Bible Institute with plans to form a school for Bible training.

On May 9, 1940 Rev Eugene F. Rueweler was called to be the full time Pastor of the group and in October the group now beginning to take the form of a congregation changed its name to St. Louis Bible Fellowship.

December, 1940, the congregation moved to a store building at 5313 Easton Avenue.

June 5 - August 31, 1941, nightly tent meetings were held at 6143 Etzel Avenue with the Sunday services in the store building. Several special speakers were invited to preach at the tent meetings, one of whom was Rev. Percy B. Crawford, founder of Kings College and the Young Peoples Church of the Air.

Rev. Crawford encouraged Pastor Rueweler to start a radio ministry and that summer "Momentsof Meditation" was started on WTMV. Bible Fellowship has been on various radio stations continuously since that time and presently is on KSIV AM 1320 with the present name of "Message of Grace". On November 28, 1941, just 1 week before the attack on Pearl Harbor, St. Louis Bible Fellowship was incorporated under the laws of the State of Missouri.stlbf on easton small

April 5, 1942, Palm Sunday, the congregation held their first service in a small church building rented from The Reformed German Church at 3458 Minnesota. Sunday School and morning worship services were held here and the evening service was still held on Easton Avenue. Beginning on June 1, 1942 the store building was closed and all services were held at 3458 Minnesota.

By May 26, 1949 the congregation had saved $4,600.00 and work began by the men of the congregation on Saturdays and every night to build an addition to the back of the building which would effectively double the size of the sanctuary. On November 6, 1949 the new building was completed.

Rev. Rueweler continued as Pastor for over 50 years until his health failed. He went home to be with the Lord on July 16, 1993. The congregation had interim speakers each week until a new Pastor was called to serve for a brief time and then interim speakers were again used. March 11, 1994 saw the building at 3458 Minnesota sold and the congregation held Sunday morning worship services at The German Cultural Society at 3652 South Jefferson Avenue.

On October 12, 1997 the congregation called Rev. Richard Owsley to be the new Pastor.

church largeApril 5, 1998, the congregation again on Palm Sunday, held their first service at 6234 Victoria Avenue under a lease to purchase agreement with the United Church of Christ Conference. On November 2, 1999 the congregation purchased the property for a balance of $87,000.00 and on December 9, 2001 Mr. Gail Engel of the UCC Conference attended the morning worship and was given a check for the balance owed on the church building. Then there was the burning of the mortgage.

In December 2004 St. Louis Theological Seminary received their incorporation from the State of Missouri.

The spring of 2006 saw various renovations and classrooms added.